Aircraft Recovery Training

While, on average, one aircraft needs to be recovered per day, it is essential that properly trained teams are on hand to perform all aircraft recovery operations. At DARS, we provide the training your team will require to execute any and all operations, from recovery of aircraft bogged down in mud to the recovery of aircraft that have lost all landing gear. No matter what the complexity of the recovery, DARS Aircraft Recovery Training Courses gives you the know-how to meet the challenge. Training for the right job with the right equipment in accordance to the aircraft recovery manual of the aircraft manufacturer will speed up any recovery, save money, and prevent secondary damage to disabled aircraft.

Basic Aircraft Recovery

Every aircraft recovery operation presents a challenge to those involved in the process. To prevent chaos in the airspace is essential simple steps can be taken to ensure that a standard aircraft recovery operation does not turn into a complex, time-consuming operation.


Aircraft Recovery Management

When recovery becomes necessary, the best effort should be made to restore airport functionality as quickly as possible. Aside from safety, time management is the most crucial concern of the responsible recovery manager.


Aircraft Recovery Refresher Seminar

This seminar allows course participants the opportunity to reinforce previously learned skills.


Aircraft Recovery Lifting Methods

This course will provide you with both the knowledge you will need and the experience you will require to lift aircraft with lifting bags and/or spreader bars. This course will also allow you to consider how to effectively recover narrow body and small aircrafts.


Aircraft Debogging Seminar

This seminar will examine the general aircraft towing operation called debogging and show you how to proceed in an orderly and safe manner to ensure a timely and successful debogging operation.


Aircraft Transportation Seminar

Transporting an aircraft unable to move by itself is a major operation that every aircraft recovery crew must know how to perform. This seminar will cover all aspects of such a job and allow you to confront an aircraft recovery operation with the knowledge and skills necessary to complete it.


Inhouse Training

We offer inhouse training courses. The contents of this course can be customized to meet your individual needs. If you want to know more, get in touch with us.


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