Course Overview

Every aircraft recovery operation presents a challenge to those involved in the process. To prevent chaos in the airspace it is essential that simple steps need to be taken to ensure that a standard aircraft recovery operation does not turn into a complex, time-consuming operation.

The solution to safeguarding against chaos and time-consumption is to be organized, equipped and trained. We provide a 5-day training course which meets the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and of the International Air Transportation Association—Aircraft Recovery Task Force (IATA-ARTF).

Our course provides you the knowledge / skills you will need to deftly and correctly respond to any aircraft recovery emergency.

Course Objectives

  • Identify legal aspects related to aircraft recovery operations
  • Perform an initial aircraft recovery situation assessment
  • Identify related aircraft recovery documents
  • Determine the aircraft recovery category
  • Identify the basic components of an aircraft recovery emergency plan
  • Describe the major steps in the aircraft recovery process
  • Identify the hazards related to aircraft recovery
  • Describe and perform different ground reinforcement procedures
  • Perform different roadway constructions
  • Stabilize a disabled aircraft by using the right equipment
  • Perform load calculation and determine the Center of Gravity (C of G)
  • Identify the required equipment effectively
  • Perform an aircraft recovery operation by using aircraft lifting bags and spreader bar
  • Perform a de-bogging operation by using special towing equipment
  • Perform equipment maintenance

Theoretic Subjects

  • Legal aspects on aircraft recovery
  • Emergency plan and responsibility
  • Aircraft recovery category
  • Health & Safety matters
  • Survey
  • Physical fundamentals
  • Law of lever
  • Load determination
  • Weight reduction & management
  • Aircraft preparation & stabilization
  • Aircraft recovery operation process
  • Aircraft lifting methods
  • Aircraft lifting procedures & concerns
  • ARC movement and side loads
  • Ground reinforcement and road construction
  • Towing and winching procedure

Practical Subjects

  • Familiarization with aircraft recovery equipment
  • Survey
  • Aircraft stabilizing
  • Recovery plan development & implementation
  • Identifying of required recovery equipment
  • Ground reinforcement & roadway construction
  • Weight and force management and monitoring
  • Types of shoring
  • Aircraft lifting with pneumatic lifting devices & spreader bars
  • Lifting of narrow body aircrafts
  • Performing a real recovery scenarios
  • Aircraft towing and winching

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