Course Overview

Aircraft recovery is a precise and delicate operation. Every step in the procedure is essential to ensure a safe and timely recovery. Successful operations depend upon knowledge of and experience with all the equipment necessary for completing the job.

This course will provide you with both the knowledge you will need and the experience you will require to lift aircraft with lifting bags and/or spreader bars. This course will also allow you to consider how to effectively recover narrow body and small aircrafts.

Course Objectives

  • Perform an initial aircraft recovery situation assessment
  • Determine the aircraft recovery category
  • Develop an aircraft recovery plan
  • Implement and perform an aircraft recovery plan
  • Identify the hazards related to aircraft recovery
  • Stabilize a disabled aircraft by using the right equipment
  • Perform load calculation and determine the C of G
  • Perform aircraft recovery operation by using aircraft lifting bags and spreader bar
  • Perform debogging operation by using special towing equipment

Theoretic Subjects

  • Aircraft recovery Category
  • Health & Safety matters
  • Survey
  • Law of lever
  • Load determination
  • Aircraft Tethering
  • Aircraft recovery operation process
  • Aircraft recovery equipment
  • Aircraft lifting methods
  • Aircraft lifting procedures & concerns
  • Aircraft Manufactures skin pressure
  • ARC movement and side loads
  • Towing and winching procedure

Practical Subjects

  • Familiarization with aircraft recovery equipment
  • Survey
  • Aircraft stabilizing
  • Tethering the Aircraft
  • Recovery plan development & implementation
  • Identifying required recovery equipment
  • Weight and force management and monitoring
  • Types of shoring
  • Aircraft lifting by pneumatic lifting devices & spreader bars
  • Lifting of narrow body and small aircrafts
  • Aircraft towing and winching

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