Course Overview

Time is a major factor in all aircraft recovery operations.

When recovery becomes necessary, the best effort should be made to restore airport functionality as quickly as possible. Aside from safety, time management is the most crucial concern of the responsible recovery manager.

The goal of this course is to provide the tools needed to properly prepare for an aircraft recovery operation and illustrate the points that must be taken into consideration by the recovery manager in any recovery operation.

Course Objectives

  • Manage an aircraft recovery operation
  • Manage and deal with all recovery matters in your company
  • Establish and lead the incident command
  • Perform a recovery size-up
  • Develop an aircraft recovery plan
  • Determine the estimated recovery time and cost
  • Improve one’s local recovery emergency plan
  • Calculate C of G, load distribution, ARC movement and Side loads
  • Determine the leveling/lifting technique of equipment
  • Stabilize the aircraft by using tethering equipment
  • Transport the aircraft by using different transportation equipment
  • Record all relevant data
  • Describe the duties and responsibilities of involved personnel
  • Establish an aircraft recovery team and identify its qualification
  • Perform a report, cost calculation and invoice
  • Describe the importance of an aircraft recovery manual

Theoretic Subjects

  • National and international requirements
  • Incident Command
  • Communication plan
  • Third party recovery contract issues
  • Other types of aircraft recovery categories
  • Time & cost calculation
  • Weight & balance definition and related data
  • C of G calculation
  • Weight reduction through large components
  • De-fueling methods
  • Fuel management
  • Aircraft recovery circulation process
  • Aircraft lifting with Jacks
  • Jacks lifting concerns & requirements
  • Documentation process
  • Aircraft transportation equipment
  • Moving of immobilized aircraft
  • Post-recovery action
  • Aircraft recovery team & qualification
  • International Airline Technical Pool
  • Case study
  • Exercises
  • Tabletop exercise

Practical Subjects

  • Familiarization with aircraft transportation equipment
  • Survey
  • Recovery plan development & implementation
  • Weight & Balance calculation
  • Aircraft stabilization
  • Identification of required recovery equipment
  • Commercial roadway construction
  • Performing an aircraft lift by using:
  • Lifting Bags
  • Spreader bar / Crane
  • Jacks
  • Real recovery scenarios
  • Aircraft towing and winching
  • Aircraft transportation by the use of a dolly system
  • Aircraft transportation by the use of a turntable

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