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DARS is a team of seasoned professionals with expertise on fire, safety and emergency issues of the aviation industry. We address all your aviation-related concerns comprehensively and provide custom solution for every issue. Specializing in aircraft recovery, DARS has the experience, tools, knowledge, and ability to provide your aircraft recovery team with the training it requires. For the past few years we have been developing a unique recovery system that enables you to control and record the entire recovery operation.


24/7 Emergency Service

By contract, DARS is available 24/7 for all aircraft recovery needs.

When you sign on with DARS, you have access to a three level emergency response plan for all aircraft recovery operations: DARS provides a plan to all customers whether airline, airport, military or company with its own aircraft fleet.

You can choose from three levels of response.

  • Telephone and e-mail consulting
  • On-site consulting by recovery expert
  • Complete aircraft recovery operation

Out-of-contract requests can also be fulfilled but depend on availability and feasibility with regard to the time of inquiry.

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Aircraft Recovery Maintenance

DARS can:

  • provide a full aircraft recovery equipment inspection and verification according to European standards.
  • establish a computer controlled inventory list and equipment record cards.
  • We manage all your administration issues regarding your recovery equipment.

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