Course Overview

Transporting an aircraft unable to move by itself is a major operation that every aircraft recovery crew must know how to perform. This seminar will cover all aspects of such a job and allow you to confront an aircraft recovery operation with the knowledge and skills necessary to complete it.

In this seminar, we will focus on the various techniques involved in aircraft transportation. We will illustrate the different ways aircraft may be moved—whether by the use of a dolly system, single wing and fuselage trailers, or by a special aircraft recovery transport system.

Upon completion of this seminar, you will have gained a practical understanding that can then be applied to all aircraft recovery operations, guaranteeing a safe and expedient aircraft recovery operation.

Course Objectives

  • Perform an initial aircraft recovery situation assessment
  • Determine the aircraft recovery category
  • Implement and perform an aircraft recovery plan
  • Identify the hazards related to aircraft recovery
  • Describe and perform different ground reinforcement procedures
  • Stabilize a disabled aircraft by using the right equipment
  • Perform load calculation and determine the Center of Gravity (C of G)
  • Perform an aircraft recovery operation by using aircraft lifting bags and spreader bar
  • Manage an aircraft transportation operation
  • Develop an aircraft recovery plan to transport the Aircraft
  • Determine the leveling / lifting technique
  • Stabilize the aircraft by using tethering equipment
  • Transport the aircraft by
  • Turntable when the nose gear is collapsed
  • Dolly when the breaks are blocked or all tires are flat
  • Wing support when the Main Landing gear is damaged and not useable

Theoretic Subjects

  • Aircraft recovery Category
  • Survey
  • Aircraft Tethering
  • Aircraft recovery operation process
  • Aircraft recovery equipment
  • Aircraft lifting methods
  • Aircraft Manufactures skin pressure
  • Towing and winching procedure
  • C of G calculation
  • Aircraft transportation equipment
  • Moving of immobilized aircraft

Practical Subjects

  • Familiarization with aircraft transportation equipment
  • Survey
  • Recovery plan development & Implementation
  • Weight & Balance calculation
  • Aircraft stabilization
  • Identification of required recovery equipment
  • Commercial roadway construction
  • Performing aircraft lift by using:
  • Lifting Bags
  • Spreader bar / Crane
  • Real recovery scenarios
  • Aircraft transportation by the use of a dolly system
  • Aircraft transportation by the use of a turntable

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