Course Overview

Debogging aircraft through the use of textile ropes and/or special aircraft fittings is an exercise that involves extremely large forces and heavy loads.

A number of safety concerns must be addressed before any major debogging exercise can be implemented. Precaution and care are essential to developing the right atmosphere for such an implementation.

This seminar will examine the general aircraft towing operation called debogging and show you how to proceed in an orderly and safe manner to ensure a timely and successful debogging operation.

Course Objectives

  • Identify related aircraft recovery documents and information
  • Determine the aircraft recovery category
  • Develop an aircraft recovery debogging plan
  • Implement and perform an aircraft recovery debogging plan
  • Identify the hazards related to an aircraft recovery debogging operation
  • Describe and perform different ground reinforcement procedures
  • Perform different roadway constructions
  • Stabilize a disabled aircraft by using the right equipment
  • Perform load calculation and control
  • Identify the required debogging equipment
  • Perform a debogging operation by using special towing equipment

Theoretic Subjects

  • Aircraft recovery Category
  • Health & Safety matters
  • Initial site survey
  • Towing loads
  • Pulling loads calculation
  • Aircraft debogging process
  • Aircraft debogging by straps, fittings and pulley
  • Ground reinforcement and road construction
  • Aircraft debogging procedures & concerns
  • Towing and winching procedure

Practical Subjects

  • Familiarization with aircraft debogging equipment
  • Site survey
  • Aircraft stabilizing
  • Recovery plan development & implementation
  • Identifying required recovery equipment
  • Ground reinforcement & roadway construction
  • Weight and force management and monitoring
  • Aircraft towing and winching
  • Steering and breaking process
  • Debogging process
  • Importance of load control

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