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Developing, organizing and managing aircraft recovery

24/7 Emergency Service

By contract, DARS is available 24/7 for all aircraft recovery needs.

When you sign on with DARS, you have access to a three level emergency response plan for all aircraft recovery operations: DARS provides a plan to all customers whether airline, airport, military or company with its own aircraft fleet.

You can choose from three levels of response.

  • Telephone and e-mail consulting
  • On-site consulting by recovery expert
  • Complete aircraft recovery operation

Out-of-contract requests can also be fulfilled but depend on availability and feasibility with regard to the time of inquiry.

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Aircraft Recovery Maintenance

DARS Maintenance Service contains:

  • inspection, maintenance and verification of all aircraft recovery equipment such as Attachment equipment, Spreader bar, Lifting Bag, Transport equipment
  • Conducted by certified and accredited service technician/s
  • Through European standards and Manufactures requirements
  • Computer controlled inventory list and delivery of an electronic inspection report
  • Service will be conducted can be carried out at your location
  • Equipment labeling, certification tag and next inspection tag

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