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Your next recovery will be much smoother with SefrinTec. SefrinTec’s perfect interaction between the pressure-sensitive sensors inside the SefrinTec Sensor Mat and other load measurement devices enables you to control and to record the entire recovery operation.


We provide the training your team requires to execute any and all operations, from recovery of aircrafts bogged down in mud to the recovery of aircrafts that have lost all landing gear.


Developing, organizing and managing aircraft recovery can be a difficult task. To help you through, DARS is on-hand every step of the way. Whether it is keeping track of inventory or conceptualizing your aircraft recovery operation, we have the tools to help you succeed.


DARS Aircraft Recovery Consulting provides you with a survey of your aircraft recovery capabilities, a detailed assessment report and a customized recovery concept.

About Us

DARS is a team of seasoned professionals with expertise on fire, safety and emergency issues of the aviation industry. We address all your aviation-related concerns comprehensively and provide custom solution for every issue. Specializing in aircraft recovery, DARS has the experience, tools, knowledge, and ability to provide your aircraft recovery team with the training it requires. For the past few years we have been developing a unique recovery system that enables you to control and record the entire recovery operation.

The Company

As we started the development of the Intelligent Recovery System in 2012, DARS Company was established as GmbH with the vision to deliver customized aircraft recovery solutions to airlines and airports across the world. Alongside our products and services we also provide our esteemed clients with extensive training and enable them to carry out all the recovery programs independently.

After its establishment DARS has successfully carried out a number of aviation fire, safety and emergency operations around the world. Many of our projects cover airport firefighting, fire prevention, aircraft recovery, airport emergency planning and training programs. We have successfully trained a huge number of students in aircraft recovery and firefighting.

Professionals Credentials of the CEO

In 2001 I started as the Senior Project Manager in charge of developing country-wide aircraft recovery solutions in Egypt. During this period I also undertook risk assessment and aircraft recovery assignments in Uzbekistan; Prague Airport, Czech Republic; Athens Airport, Greece; Lima Airport, Peru; Frankfurt Airport, Germany; Tirana Airport, Albania; Cambodia and South Africa Airports. Since 2001 I have been providing tailor-made services to the clients and have thus retained all the contracts. The next big project came my way in 2004 when I became the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority in Yemen. In this assignment I oversaw the quality control, intermediate and final inspection of 10 aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles. In the same year I also served as the Senior Project Manager for the NATO-AWACS Division in Brussels and Geilenkirchen, Germany for the development and implementation of aircraft recovery operations.

In 2007 I got the opportunity to serve as the Senior Project Manager in Montreal, Canada for the development and conceptual planning of aircraft recovery operations for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa. My reputation as a provider of quality aviation-related solutions grew and in 2011 I bagged the contract to provide an aircraft recovery concept model for the UEFA Cup 2012 in Poland and Ukraine and for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

DARS is the perfect amalgamation of technical knowhow and experience of fixing all sorts of aircraft recovery issues. The combination of state-of-the-art products and consistent implementation of latest standards make DARS your reliable partner.

Thomas Sefrin CEO, DARS GmbH

Our Clients

With our unique recovery system, quality services and exclusive training programs we have been able to earn an enviable reputation in the marketplace. The portfolio of clients includes renowned airlines like Swiss airlines, Emirates, Tam airlines and South African airlines. The area of our work is spread across five continents in countries ranging from Brazil, Maldives, Cambodia, Turkmenistan, Italy, Oman, France, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Turkey and many more.

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