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SefrinTec Intelligent Recovery System

Your next recovery will be much smoother with SefrinTec. SefrinTec’s perfect interaction between the pressure-sensitive sensors inside the SefrinTec Sensor Mat and other load measurement devices enables you to control and to record the entire recovery operation.


The system allows you to select aircraft types and display all required recovery information, giving you a clear overview of the whole recovery operation. Having all important information on a single display enables you to exercise full control over the recovery.


With SefrinTec, the lifting bags are fully inflated. Drop threads are tightened and thus make recovery safer and more stable. SefrinTec lets you control the actual pressure of each lifting bag in contact with the aircraft.


The system continuously compares the actual measured data with the data permitted according to the aircraft manufacturer. Optical and acoustical signals warn against exceeding limits and prevent secondary damage.


With SefrinTec, all recovery data is documented. The fully ruggedized 11.6” tablet with its TFT LCD sunlight-readable LED multi-touch display is compatible with Microsoft Office and can be used to print reports.

SefrinTec Intelligent Sensor Mat and Server

The Intelligent Sensor Mat is the basis of the SefrinTec Intelligent Recovery System, measuring the real pressure between aircraft weight and the contacted surface. The mat is available for all common lifting bags. Customized sizes can be provided on request. Apart from the direct lifting process using lifting bags, the mat is also deployed in transporting an aircraft without landing gears.

Sensor Mat

All measurement units, such as sensor mats and traction gauges, are connected with the recovery server. Inside, an industrial PC compares the incoming measurement data with the data from the recovery manuals and transfers the results to the Recovery Manager (software) via WiFi.

Recovery Server

The server has an Outdoor Access Point with a range of around 200m. Wider ranges are also possible without problems. The sensor mats are cabled and connected with the recovery server. The traction gauge receiver can be installed in the ruggedized case as an option and is connected with the industrial computer to evaluate the measurement data.

SefrinTec Recovery Manager

The SefrinTec Recovery Manager software enables you to have complete control over the entire recovery operation. The software monitors and evaluates each step of your recovery operation. Depending on your measuring device, you can choose between five recovery methods: bag lifting, tethering, crane lifting debogging, or transport. SefrinTec Recovery Manager monitors different operations simultaneously and provides the tools for a safe and quick recovery.

Available in 3 packages

Our recovery manager software is available in three packages to best suit your needs. Our all-in package provides basic information on over 300 pre-installed civilian, military and business aircraft. It combines measurement of skin pressure and loads during tethering, debogging, and crane lifting, as well as bag lifting and aircraft transportation.
In our customized package you find all the services of the all-in package, combined with the pre-installation of all recovery information from your aircraft recovery manuals.
The database package is intendet for standalone use. It contains all recovery information from the customized package but without measurement and reporting functions. It allows for fast visual information without a long search through the recovery manuals.

Contact us to configure your package.


The system allows you to select aircraft types and display all required recovery information, giving you a clear overview of the whole recovery operation. Having all important lifting information on a single display, for example, enables you to perform simultaneous lifting. 300 civil and military planes, as well as business jets, are pre-installed.

Sensors in place

Once all sensors are in place and your recovery has been started, the Recovery Manager continuously compares the actual measured pressures and loads with the data permitted according to the aircraft manufacturer. Optical and acoustic signals warn against exceeding the limits and prevent further secondary damage.


SefrinTec enables all recovery data to be documented. The final report provides a descriptive overview of your recovery and ensures legal certainty in insurance cases.

Trusted by major aircraft manufacturers

Our unique Intelligent Recovery System (IRS) comes trusted and recommended by the world's leading aircraft manufacturers. We are listed as an Aircraft Recovery Equipment Supplier. For detailed references please do not hesitate to contact us.

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